Utilizing Technology in My Future Classroom

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about how I’d like to utilize and incorporate technology into my own classroom next year. Currently we primarily use i-Pads for Math apps during our Centers time & occasionally students do some research on them during Science. However, I’d love to find more ways for students to use i-Pads and other technology next year. Below is a list of some of my ideas for next year (but I’d love to continue adding to this list):

  1. Quizlet: use for reviewing material and playing review Jeopardy games (pair with Game Show Sound Board for a really fun review day)
  2. Have students create books with BookCreator or i-Books Author
  3. Share class photos using Instagram or Class Dojo so parents can view what we’re learning
  4. Facetime with “experts” on different topics or with other classrooms of students studying the same topic (or in other places in the world).
  5. Teach a lesson using a Prezi or Powtoon (and have students create presentations using these apps)
  6. Have students read and report on the News each morning using a news app or website (i.e. Scholastic News, TIME for Kids, PBS Newshour for kids, etc.)
  7. Have students share and explain their work using the Elmo
  8. Have students complete assignments and Exits on EduCreations (recording their written work and voice explaining how they solved the problem)
  9. Incorporate Science apps into class–Happy Little Farmer (plant cycle), Kid Weather (weather), Alchemy (genetics), Solar Walk (the Solar System)
  10. Use Math apps in Math class–TenMarks, Compass Learning, and ST Math


Here are some great resources for me to use as I determine more ways to incorporate technology into my classroom next year:

-Edutopia article: i-Pad Teaching and Learning

-TeachHUB article: Technology in the Classroom: Amazing iPad Apps for Educators






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